Vibrating Tarot Colouring Book Downloads

Stay home and colour in these Vibrating Tarot Colouring Book pages I made for you! 

1. Download any of the images below 

2. Print them out and colour them in by any method you choose 

3. Snap a photo of your work and post your progress

Use our hashtag #vibtarotcontest

Make sure to tag me so I can share your work on my page.

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Welcome to The Vibrating Tarot


The Vibrating Tarot is a sex toy themed Tarot deck where all of the people from the legendary Rider Waite Smith designs are replaced with various adult toys.

I want to bring laughter to people while connecting with them in a deep and meaningful way. This project should spark conversation and hopefully be a gateway for people to engage with each other and themselves in the spirit of better health and sexual wellness.


Visit us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr @vibratingtarot. 

Let us know what toys you want to see featured in The Vibrating Tarot. We want your input! 


We already have several well wishes and endorsements from major toy companies and adult toy stores but we want to pair up with more in order to present the best possible results for our fans. If anyone wants to reach out to us regarding this, please do so at


In order to eventually print and distribute physical decks, we're looking forward to launching a crowdfunding campaign next year. Please keep an eye out for info.


Support me on Patreon. Get preliminary work, limited prints,  first editions and more.


Ghosttown Tarot

Ghosttown Tarot

These cards are the backdrop of many decks, and the foundation of many yet to come, because it's basically the legendary Rider Waite Smith deck with all the people removed. Where did they all go? Nobody knows. They all just wandered away, or maybe they all dissolved into thin air. What do you think happened to them?

I’ll be releasing these designs as a font so you can all download it and use the images as templates to draw your own pictures overtop. For now, the first six cards are available to download right here as a pdf or jpeg.

Drawing Contest

Right now, I'm running a drawing contest from one of my Instagram pages, where I'm asking artists to use these backdrops as templates to draw their favourite stars over. Is that how you found me here?

Ghosttown Tarot Drawing Contest Downloads

If you're using these as templates, I want you to add to them, subtract from them, modify and rearrange them, use shading and colour, develop depth, add animation, Make them your own. Or keep them exactly how they are. They're over 100 years old anyway.