My newest book is a collection of twelve Old-Time Radio scripts from the 1930s and 40s, featuring the best of horror, mystery and suspense, but this book isn’t just about the under-celebrated form of entertainment known as the radio drama. It’s also largely about addressing the vastly forgotten potential of the printed page, and exploring what it means for a tangible book to exist in a digital world.

Each story's typography mimics and mocks the feelings of the reader as they make their way through the script. Fun at times and frustrating at others, this book will have you turning and flipping it around as you read through its pages. Bring a mirror. 

boomDEAD is now available in Hamilton bookstores as well as on

All proceeds from this project are donated to Old-Time Radio preservation initiatives.

Pallor Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9865528-1-5

320 Pages 

Size: 5 x 7.75 in.


CAD $22.00



If you're starting a graphic design project from scratch or refining what you already have, a successful campaign will always pay close attention to its typography. Whether your aim is for expressive display type or strictly functional and refined, I can provide specialized knowledge in type design.

Book Design


Specializing in book and editorial projects has led me to design several books from top to bottom. In addition to the overall typesetting, I consult with clients and help make decisions on the size and shape of the book, number of pages, the type of paper used, and many other aspects such as binding and cover design.

Typeface Design


Developing fonts is a passion of mine. I have just started to make them available for free downloads. My first one, Cut-Point, is a 92-character dingbat font made up of knives, blades, and swords and can be downloaded here:

Type Refinement


I have been able to help companies greatly improve their typography without losing the overall look and feel of their original layout. I do not push to change how the typography looks overall, only to adjust it so that there are no fundamental errors in its layout. This helps to elevate the entire presentation. 

Card Design


A passion of mine is to conceptualize and design sets of cards. The tactile nature of design is tragically lacking in our day in age, and the physicality of a deck of cards is unparalleled. I have designed sets of flash cards, unique decks of playing cards, but what I enjoy the most is designing Tarot cards.



I work with many companies looking for professional typesetting, type refinement, or basic consultation. A short list of clients include The Art Gallery of Hamilton, McMaster University, and ReMax Escarpment, to smaller businesses like The Framing and Art Centre, and The Burlington Denture Clinic.




Specializing in typography and having completed a Bachelor of Design at York University/Sheridan College's Joint Program in Design, Pallor Publishing's creative director Frank Lawrence enjoys nothing more than typographic endeavours, and is always looking for new and creative projects that can benefit from the implementation of sensible and impeccable typography.


Professional Typography

I have been able to help companies see that they can greatly improve their typography without losing the overall look and feel of their original layout. Small adjustments can always be made to remedy fundamental errors in most layouts. I help you avoid typographical faux pas and help to elevate your entire presentation.



It is the typographer's job to be invisible by eliminating any chance for further refinement. To create a perfect crystal goblet out of typography. When done properly, it is not the typography that is noticed, rather it is the subject matter that is elevated. 


Pallor Publishing

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada