Tarot Backgrounds and Drawing Contest Templates

Tarot templates

These cards are the backdrop of many decks, and the foundation of many yet to come, because it's basically the legendary Rider Waite Smith deck with all the people removed. 

After scanning the original cards and digitally removing all the people, I'll be releasing these designs as a font everyone can download for free and use as templates to draw overtop of. For now, the first six cards are available to download right here as a pdf and jpeg.

Source of above image of Girl with Skeleton is by The Darkness Lives. 

Find them on Instagram @thedarknesslives

Drawing Contest

Right now, I'm running a drawing contests from one of my Instagram pages where I'm asking artists to use these backdrops as templates to draw their favourite film stars over top of. Who will you draw? And what card will you place them overtop of?

Drawing Contest Rules

Full Contest Rules

This project is a drawing exercise for people who are stuck at home, and a contest that’s an open call for all artists to draw their favourite film stars so they can be placed on the RWS Major Arcana Tarot backgrounds.



How to participate: 

1 Choose your favourite film star and draw them. Make sure to include their whole body in the sketch. Use pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel, paint, or your tablet.


2 This collection will be released online as a free colouring book, so don’t colour in your artwork. Stick to outlines and light shading. Use an accent colour if you want.


3 Place your drawing onto one of the background templates provided in order to finalize you submission, or feel free to upload your drawing without. It’s your call.

Use the background images as a starting point. Customize them in any way you see fit, draw your own background, or submit with no background at all.



4 Post the drawing on your social media page.



5 Tag me so I can share your work.


6 Use the hashtag that has been set up for the project.


7 Tag a friend challenging them to do the same.

We'll be recreating the Major Arcana in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. Reference the source material online to see what we're doing a parody of. FAQs are on the IG page, which is also packed with additional info.



I’ve been seeing so many different artists doing lots of interactive projects with their fan base during these strange days. As an artist myself, I also feel a responsibility to provide a tool for engagement and interaction for people during this time when we’re all on lockdown. I’ve turned some of my other projects into colouring contests, and that’s what lead to the idea of this Tarot drawing challenge. I hope you all have fun with it.

Happy drawing, and please feel free to DM anytime.


Tarot Backgrounds and Drawing Contest Downloads

If you're using these as templates, please add to them, take elements away from them, modify and rearrange them, use shading and colour, develop depth, add animation, Make them your own. Or keep them exactly how they are. They're over 100 years old anyway. More coming soon.