Pallor Mortis is a ghastly and tortuous way of looking back at classic horror cinema. This 52 page magazine ran annually for 6 years, bringing murder mystery, classic horror, and sadistic stories to the reader with each new issue. In addition to a full length film script, the magazine offered articles detailing the macabre facets of the movie industry as well as general interest articles and short short stories. This underground Hamilton magazine was injected with brand new and original design ideas, movie poster art, musical selections from current Hollywood movie soundtracks, and picture puzzles to keep the reader engaged. Pallor Mortis ultimately failed to maintain traction after its home office was destroyed by a fire in 2014, and eventually stopped production in 2016. 


ISSN 1925-5802

100% recycled stock. 

Size: 5.75 x 8.5 in.

52 Pages 


Black and white 

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Amateur cloning is a bad idea. You really don’t know what you’re dealing with, and they won’t be doing your chores for you.


You will face zombies in your life if you find yourself on a particular remote island. I’m afraid I cannot advise you as to which one.


A derelict witness still has eyes, ears, and a brain. Better to take care of all loose ends than risk unraveling by unsavoury means.


You will be tormented by your decisions and haunted by your hideous transformation.


Never forget that someone who can be bought takes many offers.


If you gamble your hand away, make sure the deal doesn’t involve your fingers.


Youth may be wasted on the young, but consider the tragedy of reliving a single, fateful day for the rest of your life.


Never allow yourself to become so mad with fear that your trust is unwittingly placed in harmful hands.


Looking for love in strange places can have dangerous consequences. Appearances are often false and misleading.


Always remember: science is about using sound methods, not using yourself or your victims as guinea pigs in dodgy experiments.


You will see mysteries if you peer through the door. But beware unfamiliar locations; they are more dangerous than you think.


You will travel back in time to a bleak world. It is prudent for you to remember that only your survival skills will be able to save you.

Ledot, the Witch Doctor. Once my master. 

Secrets I tortured out of him.

Von Gelder, the swine. Swollen with riches. 

He fought against my spells until the last.

His Excellence, Richard.

Once Minister of the Interior.

Scarpia, Brigand Chief.

Marquis, Captain of Gendarmerie. 

And this—this is Chauvin, the High

Executioner—who almost executed me!