About Us



Specializing in typography and having completed a Bachelor of Design at York University/Sheridan College's Joint Program in Design, Pallor Publishing's creative director Frank Lawrence enjoys nothing more than typographic endeavours, and is always looking for new and creative projects that can benefit from the implementation of sensible and impeccable type. 


Professional Typography

When you hire Pallor Publishing for typography consultation, you are getting the highest typography standards as recognized and implemented by graphic design professionals and the design community at large. 

I have been able to help companies see that they can greatly improve their typography without losing the overall look and feel of their original layout. Small adjustments can always be made to remedy fundamental errors in most layouts. I help you avoid typographical faux pas and help to elevate your entire presentation.


elevate your presentation

Choosing the right font for the job and adhering to sensible guidelines such as line length, proper leading and kerning, as well as using hanging punctuation, can do wonders for your document. The correct implementation of glyphs and use of small caps, as well as keeping an eye out for dumb quotes, orphans and widows can elevate your presentation by immeasurable proportions. 

It is the typographer's job to be invisible by eliminating any chance for further refinement. To create a perfect crystal goblet out of typography. When done properly, it is not the typography that is noticed, rather it is the subject matter that is elevated.