Who Queefed?

Who Queefed?

Who Queefed?

Our new book features a bold and curious yet elegant and refined selection of relief prints and illustrations that look at queefing through the ages of civilization. In 1984, Pocket Books posed the question: Who Farted? Using freeze frames taken from black and white public domain films, the book brought a comedic new context to its images. For all of you girlfriends out there, all you sisters, mothers, and grandmothers… In 2013 Pallor Publishing is ready to turn this line of thought around, and pop the question: Who Queefed?  This book takes relief prints and illustrations from past centuries to tell a similar story as the above mentioned book.  Only this time, the tables have turned, and the story has changed too. This time, it’s all about the big Q.


This book has its Image Reference Page online at:
queefbook.com and on Pinterest

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Pallor Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9865528-5-4

100% recycled stock.
Size: 8 x 5 in.
33 Printed Pages

Black and white

CAD $14

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